Eating healthy during pregnancy is important not only for you but for baby! What you eat during pregnancy, your baby also eats.

Taste preferences can start being developed during pregnancy. A healthy diet can help maintain healthy blood sugar, blood pressure, and mood as well as ensuring a healthy weight for you and your baby- reducing the risk for many health complications and diseases  

Some essentials nutrients that can be found in a healthy diet can be found here:   essential nutrients flyer

Tip for meal and snack planning

Fruits & Vegetables

Make half your plate fruits and vegetables. Eat a variety of colors to get the most benefit. 

Whole Grains

Make at least half of your grains whole grains – Try oatmeal, whole grain bread, popcorn and brown rice. 

Healthy Hydration

Choose water or low-fat dairy or plant based milks with your meals. 

Important Proteins

Vary your proteins – try seafood, lean meats and chicken, eggs, beans and peas and unsalted nuts and seeds. 

Processed Meats

Avoid lunch meats (processed meats) unless you heat them to 140 degrees – if you’re at Subway, ask them to toast your sandwich for you! 

Unpasteurized Cheeses

Avoid eating soft cheeses that are not cooked. 

pregnant woman makes a silly face holding a boiled egg
Mother holding baby eating breakfast parfait
Woman enjoys a healthy salad on her bed