Some women, especially those who live in rural area and who belong to minority populations, have trouble accessing health care during pregnancy and after birth. This may be due to difficulty traveling to appointments, insurance or being able to find a doctor. vidaRPM, and the care team, provides moms of Georgia with tools and education to impact this maternal health disparity. Empowering ALL moms of Georgia to be healthy during pregnancy and beyond. 

photo of Dr. Marlo Vernon

Dr. Marlo Vernon

  • Project Director
photo of Jennifer Plueger

Jennifer Plueger

  • Project Coordinator
photo of Sarah Davenport, RN

Sarah Davenport, RN

  • Nurse Educator
photo of Marquetta Thomas

Marquetta Thomas

  • Patient Educator
photo of Anne Clare Booker

Anne Clare Booker

  • Nutrition Educator
photo of Alma Carrillo

Alma Carrillo

  • Community Programs Assistant


photo of Dr. Chadburn Ray

Dr. Chadburn Ray

photo of Dr. Gabby Helfgott

Dr. Gabby Helfgott

photo of Dr. Candace Best

Dr. Candace Best

photo of Dr. Colleen Walters

Dr. Colleen Walters

photo of Dr. Lynn Glenn

Dr. Lynn Glenn

photo of Dr. Vahe Heboyan

Dr. Vahe Heboyan

photo of Ms. Catherine Clary

Ms. Catherine Clary

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