Georgia State Charitable Contributions Program (GASCCP)

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Every year employees across the state demonstrate their compassion and generosity through the official workplace giving campaign for state employees and the university system.  Our 2018 Georgia State Charitable Contributions Program (GASCCP) Annual Campaign will run from October 1 through October 31, 2018. During the campaign, you can learn more about how we can address critical needs in Georgia, across the nation, and around the world by giving to any of more than 1,200 charities through GASCCP.

It’s quick and easy to give online!

  1. LOGIN:
  2. Click Create Account and follow instructions to create your username and password.
  3. GIVING: 
    1. Click on $ Give, find a nonprofit of choice with the search window, and click Search Nonprofits.
    2. Click on agency's name and enter the amount you wish to donate; then click on Add to Shopping Cart and select payment type (Credit Card, Payroll Deduction, or PayPal)
    3. Review the Donation Details (if you would like to select more than one charity, click Add to Cart; if you completed your charity selections, click Add to Cart and Checkout)
    4. Review the Checkout Summary and then click Donate to complete transaction.

Thank you for your generosity and compassion. Give TODAY.  Change TOMORROW.

For questions, you may reach out to:

How far does your change go?

  • Your nickels help us purchase pet food after a natural disaster.
  • Your dimes help us provide new free books to a child who may not have any books of their own at home.
  • Your quarters help us provide hot meals each school day to a child.


Go to to learn more about the Georgia State Charitable Contributions Program.

Shaping our future through giving