We are pleased to announce the 2024 performance evaluation cycle for employees in staff and executive leadership positions. 

This year's evaluations will be completed using the Microsoft Word version of the evaluation. The evaluation period is March 2023 - February 2024. Employees within their provisional period will be evaluated based on their hire date.


All staff evaluations are due to Human Resources by June 30, 2024. Completed evaluations, once signed by both the employee and the manager (DocuSign is acceptable), may be scanned and uploaded to the staff evaluation Box account created during the last evaluation cycle. The title of the folder has been updated to AU Staff Evaluations (previously titled AU Staff Evaluations 2022 & 2023). Under your specific department folder, please create a "2024 Staff Evaluations" sub-folder to upload your department evaluations. If you do not have access to the Box folder from last year, please send an email to AUHR_Employee_Relations@augusta.edu  to identify your college or department/unit representative for the collection and uploading of the completed evaluations. All evaluations should be completed and uploaded no later than Friday, June 30, 2024.

Executive Leadership

Performance evaluations for executive leadership will be conducted January 1 – March 29 annually for the past year. The deadline for submitting annual executive leadership evaluations is March 29.” 

Each college and department/unit (not associated within a college for example Facilities, GWVNH, GCHC, Institutional Effectiveness, etc.) will have a designated representative for collection of the evaluations and that representative will be granted access to the Box folder for their college or department / unit to upload completed documents.  Please send an email to AUHR_Employee_Relations@augusta.edu to identify your college or department/unit representative for collection and uploading of the completed evaluations. You may upload the executive leadership evaluations in the AU Staff Evaluations folder for your department by creating a "2024 Executive Leadership Evaluations" sub-folder.

Executive Leadership Evaluation