Human Resources is pleased to offer the Augusta University Leadership Development Program developed for experienced senior AU leaders.

Designed with a goal of developing leaders to advance the mission, vision and values of Augusta University while also developing and honing their own leadership skills and abilities, this program includes a combination of in-person and virtual programs led by a variety of subject matter experts who are committed to helping AU leaders build and foster a committed, compassionate and innovative workforce culture for Augusta University.

Program components include:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication and Influence
  • Strategic Planning
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Trust
  • Resiliency
  • Agility

We are thrilled to pilot this program with seven outstanding participants in Spring 2021. Let the journey begin!


photo of Dale Hartenburg, EdS

Dale Hartenburg, EdS

  • AVP, Campus Services and Chief Auxiliary Officer, Operations
photo of Valera Hudson, MD

Valera Hudson, MD

  • Department Chair, Medical College of Georgia, Department of Pediatrics
photo of Patrice Jackson, EdD

Patrice Jackson, EdD

  • Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
photo of Cedric Johnson, BA

Cedric Johnson, BA

  • Director, Community Affairs, Strategic Partnership and Economic Development
photo of Corrina Warner, MBA

Corrina Warner, MBA

  • Assistant Controller, Financial Operations
photo of Pam Witter, MEd

Pam Witter, MEd

  • Special Assistant to the Vice Provost; Chief Administrator, Continuing Education
photo of Margie Miller, BA

Margie Miller, BA

  • Director, State Government Relations, External Relations


photo of Brittany Cipollone, MAT, MBA

Brittany Cipollone, MAT, MBA

  • Senior Planning & Assessment Coordinator, Institutional Effectiveness
photo of Charles (Chuck) Powell, PhD

Charles (Chuck) Powell, PhD

  • Program Manager, Leadership and Institutional Development, USG
photo of Wendi Jenkins, EdD

Wendi Jenkins, EdD

  • Manager, Leadership and Institutional Development, USG
photo of Chris Melcher, JD

Chris Melcher, JD

  • Vice President for Legal Affairs/General Counsel, Office of Legal Affairs
photo of Mickey Williford, MPA

Mickey Williford, MPA

  • Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness
photo of Tiffany Townsend Moorhart, PhD

Tiffany Townsend Moorhart, PhD

  • Chief Diversity Officer, Office of Diversity & Inclusion
photo of Barry Grosse, JD

Barry Grosse, JD

  • VP, Audit, Compliance, Ethics & Risk Management
photo of Susan Norton, MS

Susan Norton, MS

  • Enterprise Vice President, Human Resources
photo of Dinesh Hasija, PhD

Dinesh Hasija, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Management, James M. Hull College of Business
photo of Mike Hocker, MD

Mike Hocker, MD

  • Senior Associate Dean GME, J. Harrison Distinguished Chair and Professor, Emergency Medicine
photo of Karla Leeper, PhD

Karla Leeper, PhD

  • Executive Vice President, Operations
photo of Pam Witter, MEd

Pam Witter, MEd

  • Special Assistant to the Vice Provost; Chief Administrator, Continuing Education
photo of Melissa Furman, DBA

Melissa Furman, DBA

  • Lecturer, James M. Hull College of Business


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