Augusta University has partnered with Skillsoft to offer full-time university faculty, staff, and student assistants a variety of free web-based courses, books, videos, and assessments available through the Percipio content library. Percipio is Latin for "learn." This new immersive learning platform is designed to make learning easier, more accessible, and more effective.

  • Watch: Videos allow you to learn quickly and at your own pace.
  • Read/Listen: Read books on your computer or mobile device, or listen to audiobooks while you're on the go!
  • Practice: Certification test preps and assessments allow you to test your knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

Discover and consume relevant microlearning content while working on a task—without ever leaving the open webpage. With over 700 curated learning paths (channels), you will find highly engaging content that enhances your skills for success. Courses range from fifteen minutes to four hours and include curriculums related to Career Development, IT Skills, Analyst Research, Business Skills, Compliance, Well-being, Leadership, and more.

New learners can access the job aid on how to navigate Percipio upon initial log in.

Percipio is the platform for all professional development and annual compliance content which can be accessed 24/7.

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Percipio helps learners unleash their edge

Key Features

Download the Percipio App

NOTE: When prompted to "Please enter your site name", you will enter augusta to continue the SSO process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Percipio?

Percipio is AU’s eLearning program available to faculty, staff, and student assistants and includes a comprehensive catalog of over 3,000 FREE non-credit, online professional development courses. These courses offer a wide variety of training and professional learning and development opportunities which are designed to enhance critical business and computer software skills and thus increasing professional knowledge and value to the University. Percipio also offers over 29,000 books on subjects related to business, desktop applications and IT professional subjects.

How long are the courses?

Courses range from 15 minutes to four hours. The actual time needed to complete a course will vary by user. However, the estimated duration for each course is available by viewing the course description once you are logged into Percipio.


Can I take courses at work?

Yes, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your personal and professional skills and knowledge at work. Discuss your development goals with your manager and determine the most appropriate time for you to take courses.

Can I print a Certificate of Completion?

Yes, follow these steps:

  • Log into the Percipio training portal.
  • Click on the "My Profile" (where your initials are)
  • Click on "Activity" and search for the course you completed.
  • Select the 3 dots to the far right of the row and click "View Certificate" for it to automatically download.

How can I opt-out of automated email reminders?

Select unsubscribe at the bottom of the au_percipio email. 
If you're logged into Percipio you can navigate to My Profile > Account Information > Notifications.
NOTE: You will continue to receive mandatory compliance training related emails and emails directly from us at
If you are receiving push notifications from the Percipio mobile app, you would need to adjust your app settings > toggle off Engagement Emails.