Diploma Information


The official diploma for the graduates for Fall 2015 forward will reflect the name Augusta University. Graduates may also request one commemorative diploma reflecting the name of the university when they initially matriculated (Medical College of Georgia, Georgia Health Sciences University, or Augusta State University) providing they have remained continuously enrolled*. 

*Continuous enrollment is defined as not having transferred to another University and transferred back to Augusta University or that the student has not had a break in enrollment of three consecutive semesters or more.*

Please refer to the Diploma Name Guidelines for questions.

If your requested diploma name does not match your name on file, a hold will be placed on your account until the appropriate documentation has been submitted. The hold will only prevent the release of your diploma.  Once documentation of your name change is filed and approved, this hold will be released.

If your legal name has changed for any reason, please provide legal documentation (Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Court-Issued Name Change, or Adoption papers) along with a Name Change form to gradapp@augusta.edu by the published deadline.

Changes to the requested diploma name after the diplomas have been ordered will require a diploma reorder and the graduate must pay the associated fee to have the diploma reissued.

Name Change Form

All Augusta University diplomas are 14" high x 17" wide.

All Augusta University certificates are 8.5" high x 11" wide.

If updates need to be made, contact gradapp@augusta.edu with your legal name, student ID, and updated diploma mailing address.  Changes after the posted deadline will require a diploma reorder and the graduate must pay the associated fee to have the diploma reissued.







If your diploma arrived damaged, please send an email to gradapp@augusta.edu with your legal name, student ID, and clear photo of the damaged diploma AND the original mailer.  If the original mailer and diploma are returned, we will waive the reprint fee.

You may contact our office if you have not received your diploma eight weeks after the posted mailing date.   After eight weeks, a Reissue Diploma Request must be completed.

The Office of the Registrar will hold returned diplomas for 12 months.  After 12 months, a Reissue Diploma Request must be completed. 

Commemorative diplomas can be requested by emailing gradapp@augusta.edu including your legal name and student ID.

*Commemorative diplomas are only offered at the time of graduation to eligible students.*

Diplomas do not reflect completion of a minor.  Minor completion is listed on your official transcript.

Diplomas do not reflect areas of concentration, specialization, or emphasis.

Diploma frames and additional Augusta University merchandise can be purchased through the JagStore

By definition, a double major is two areas combined into a single degree (B.A. or B.S.). You will receive one diploma reflecting both majors.

Example: Bachelor of Arts- Criminal Justice and Sociology

As the title implies, successful completion of dual degrees will result in a separate diploma for each degree.

Example: Bachelor of Arts- Criminal Justice and Bachelor of Science- Chemistry

Sample AU Diploma