Virtual Commencement - May 30th at 10 a.m.




How will Spring commencement work virtually?

Watch this video from Class of 2020 graduating student, Lindsay Ramos, who will tell you what virtual commencement is, and what you can expect on Virtual Commencement day.


Virtual Commencement

 Graduating students who did not order a cap and gown may still submit a photo for graduation in professional business attire, including with their cords. A description of professional business attire can be found here.

No, it does not have to be a professional photo, but students should be in a cap and gown or professional dress. Your photo must reflect the decorum of the occasion. This means the photo should look professional and be of good quality. Graphics and stylized editing or “filters” are not permitted.

 You will receive an email verifying your photo was accepted.

 Yes, the traditional commencement programs are being mailed to each graduating student so they can follow along with the ceremony.

Face-to-Face Commencement in December

 Yes! We encourage students to participate in both!

 At the appropriate time, we will reach out to students to see who would like to participate

Yes, there will be enough room in the December commencement for our spring, summer, and fall graduates. At the appropriate time, we will reach out to students to see who would like to participate in the December commencement for planning purposes, and we would still provide the same number of guest tickets as you would have for spring. Also, we will need to consider the guidelines for social distancing at that time.

There are many logistical and behind-the-scenes elements that go into the commencement ceremony. All those would have to be considered about a second event. More information will follow as we get closer to December and we understand how many graduating students would like to participate, as well as guidelines for social distancing.

Due to the number of unknowns, choosing a date now may not be possible. Although summer classes will be continuing, all will be delivered online. We must continue to comply with social distancing and CDC regulations, and we would not want to choose a date in the summer, only to have to reschedule.

In addition, for those students who have found employment soon after graduation, they may not be in a place (financially or professionally) to take time off to come back so soon after starting a new position.

Therefore, with all of these unknowns, the next available time is December.