December 2020 Commencement 


Fall Commencement will be held Friday, December 11, 2020

Tickets will be required for guests attending the Commencement Ceremony

As part of the ceremony, each student will walk across the stage and be recognized. In order to accomplish this, each student is assigned to a specific section prior to entering the arena. Please locate the staging area for your degree in the exhibit hall and line-up accordingly. 



Important Dates 

Fall 2020 Graduation



  Yes! We encourage students to participate in both!

 At the appropriate time, we will reach out to students to see who would like to participate

Yes, there will be enough room in the December commencement for our spring, summer, and fall graduates. At the appropriate time, we will reach out to students to see who would like to participate in the December commencement for planning purposes, and we would still provide the same number of guest tickets as you would have for spring. Also, we will need to consider the guidelines for social distancing at that time.

There are many logistical and behind-the-scenes elements that go into the commencement ceremony. All those would have to be considered about a second event. More information will follow as we get closer to December and we understand how many graduating students would like to participate, as well as guidelines for social distancing. 

 Due to the number of unknowns, choosing a date now may not be possible. Although summer classes will be continuing, all will be delivered online. We must continue to comply with social distancing and CDC regulations, and we would not want to choose a date in the summer, only to have to reschedule.

In addition, for those students who have found employment soon after graduation, they may not be in a place (financially or professionally) to take time off to come back so soon after starting a new position.

Therefore, with all of these unknowns, the next available time is December.


CONTACTS FOR Graduation Inquiries:

Campus Services // Tickets, Ceremony Information, General Graduation Inquiries - 706-729-2179

JagStore // Cap and Gown, Regalia, Graduation Announcements - 706-737-1611

Career Services // 706-737-1604

Alumni Association // 706-737-1759

Financial Aid // Financial Holds, Exit Counseling - 706-737-1611

Registrar // Graduation Application, Diplomas  - 706-446-1430

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