Student Achievements

Celebrating the great accomplishments of our graduate students  - congratulations!

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In The Spotlight

Linah Shahoumi  

Linah Shahoumi

Oral Biology Student Receives Prestigious Award 

Program: PhD with a major in Oral Biology & Maxillofacial Pathology
Mentor: William Yeudall, PhD
Conference: The American Academy of Oral Medicine

Title of Project Awarded:
“Modulation of EPS8 functions by phosphorylation.” 

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Weston DeWolf 

Weston DeWolf

Award of Excellence for Didactic/Instructional - Surgical/Clinical Procedures

Program: MS in Medical Illustration
Mentor: William Andrews, MA, CMI, FAMI
Conference: 74th Annual Meeting of the Association of Medical Illustrators  

Title of Project Awarded: “Radical Nephrectomy Subcostal Approach” 

Lynn Tran 

Lynn Tran

MD/PhD Student Wins Big at National Conference 

Program: MD/PhD in Genomic Medicine
MentorJin-Xiong She, PhD
Conference: 34th Annual National MD-PhD Student Conference

 Awarded:  1st Place in Poster Session

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Skitzy Tobias, Doctor of Nursing Practice (Pediatric Nursing Practioner)
Award: Frances Crittenden Nurse Practitioner Scholarship Endowment Recipient

Mohamed Meghil, PhD with a major in Oral Biology and Maxillofacial Pathology
Balint Orban Memorial Competition Finalist fromThe American Academy of Periodontology 

Lindsey Ramirez, PhD with a major in Physiology 
 Research Distinction award from the Water & Electrolyte Homeostasis Section of the American Physiological Society at the Experimental Biology Society and the Tum Suden Award from the American Physiological Society 

Mahmoud Abdelbary, PhD with a major in Physiology 
Award: Tum Suden Award from the American Physiological Society 

Patrica Martinez - Quinones, PhD with a major in Physiology 
Award: First Place Winner for Basic Science Paper Competition at the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma Annual Meeting

Mackenzie Hagan, PhD with a major in Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Award: 2019  The American Society of Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) Young Investigator Award and the ASBMR Diversity Travel Grant 

Aaron Hutton, Master of Public Administration  
Hunter, L. Y., Robbins, J. W., Ginn, M. H., & Hutton, A. (2019). Meet in the Middle: Terrorism and Centrist Party Vote Shares in Legislative Elections. Global Policy10(1), 60-74.

Emily Hardaway, Master of Public Administration 
International City/County Management Association’s Local Government Management Fellowship

Shinjini Chowdhury
, PhD with a major in Physiology
Award: First Prize in the graduate student poster competition during Veterans Affairs Research Week.

Congratulations to the following medical illustration students who won awards at the 2019, 74th Annual Meeting of the Association of Medical Illustrators:

  • Zachary Kevorkian, Award of Merit in the Didactic/Instructional - Anatomical/Pathological, for “The Pediatric Inguinal Canal / Descent of the Testes and Cryptorchidism.”
  • Tara Colquitt and Aimee Choi, Award of Merit in Didactic/Instructional - Interactive , for “3D Interactive Surgical Module for Orthognathic Osteotomies.” 
  • Aaron Cole,  Award of Excellence in Didactic/Instructional - Molecular/Biological/Life Science, for “Combating Insulin Deficiency in Diabetes Mellitus Type 2.”
  •  Katherine Thompson, Award of Merit in Didactic/Instructional - Surgical/Clinical Procedures for “Baerveldt Aqueous Shunt Insertion



Marci Lessman
MS in Medical Illustration
Award:  Versalius Trust Research Grant Scholarship for “Circumcision Surgical Simulation Model.”  

Christina PecoraMS in Medical Illustration
Award: Versalius Trust Research Grant Scholarship  for “An Interactive Platform to Enhance Knowledge and Understanding of Ovarian Neoplasm.”

Jessica Pierce, PhD with a major in Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Award: Young Investigator Award from the American Society for Bone & Mineral Research