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Augusta University Online

Augusta University Online will create connected classrooms fostering active, experiential learning. We will make education more achievable for the working learner, establishing access to excellence for Georgians and beyond.

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When will AU online be launched?

We are building a team that is designing learner and student support structures to launch a successful, well-managed student experience. We will also offer instructional support for faculty to seamlessly manage teaching and instruction, regardless of modality. We hope to launch a handful of programs in Fall 2023. Come visit this page again for future updates.

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Summerville campus, Allgood Hall, Suite E323

2500 Walton Way, Augusta GA 30904


The Future of AU Online

To reach the modern learner and to ensure online success— and the greater university — our three building blocks at Augusta University Online include building online opportunities where the need is greatest, focusing on student and faculty engagement and fostering a sense of belonging. Our hope is to create an engaging, supportive learning environment that is easy for students and faculty to access, that will serve as a model of best-in-class online education.

Who can take online programs?

The programs we plan to create will be available to any eligible student who applies through the admissions process, just like any program at Augusta.

Will all programs at AU be taught online?

No. AU Online will begin with a handful of programs. Once the infrastructure to fully support online learning is available, we will start to consider a greater array of options. The university plans to continue offering face-to-face courses and will use online where it make the most sense to do so.

If I am interested in developing online teaching skills, where should I go?

The Center for Instructional Innovation offers support regarding instructional design, educational technologies and more. We plan to enhance our community of practice in online learning, so all of those faculty interested in online instruction can share techniques and get the skills they need to succeed in this new way of instructing future generations of learners.


Marc Austin

Dr. Marc Austin

Associate Provost
Dean of Augusta University Online

As the chief online officer, he will guide and drive Augusta University’s evolving online education and learning strategy, leveraging existing institutional strengths and identifying new opportunities to position Augusta University Online for long-term success.

Austin has spent the past two decades launching new, innovative approaches to online, executive and adult learning programs. Austin has a doctorate in international political economy from Columbia University.

Cristina Raecke

Cristina Raecke

Assistant Vice President
Strategic Marketing and Enrollment Management

Raecke’s experience includes 25 years in digital marketing, communications, recruitment and admissions. In higher education, her area of expertise is serving as a bridge between marketing and enrollment teams and aligning them around prospective online learners.

Corey Vigdor

Corey Vigdor

Assistant Vice President
Online Education

Vigdor brings 30 years of experience in higher education, including 20 spent directly focused on online learning. His expertise includes program development, instructional design, faculty training and mentoring, accreditation, technology and instruction.


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Questions & Answers

AU Online will continue to use D2L as our Learning Management System (LMS). As programs are created/placed in AU Online, the principle will be that the on-ground and online experiences mirror each other, even if some minor differences exist. The point is that regardless of modality, the degree experience is the same.

Yes. As AU Online evolves, it will provide degree completion pathways. To create the best support for students with busy lives, AU online will provide programs and the support structure for non-traditional students. In the meantime, the Center for Instructional Innovation, is helping faculty enhance their virtual instruction modalities with new courses coming online every month.

The Hull College of Business is currently participating in an online consortium 6 other AACSB-accredited MBA programs in the University System of Georgia. Eventually, moving to an online DBA would be a natural progression for the program, but there is none currently under consideration here at Augusta University or as part of the consortium (as this decision would need to be made in collaboration with our consortium partners). We agree that it would be great to offer at some point in the future.

Once AU Online is fully up and running, the process of moving from registration as an on-ground student to an online student should be fairly seamless, provided you are prepared for the demands of the new modality and a shorter semester length. We will be putting in place an administrative process that will allow you to move from one modality to another, pending a discussion with your advisor about whether online is right for you! The full details of this process will not be available until fall 2023 when we aim to have our first AU online programs available.

AU online remains in the early stages of development. The soonest we will have infrastructure in place to launch a well-supported program is fall 2023. Both of these are under consideration for inclusion in AU Online, however, we would like to point out that the MBA from Augusta University is already available online!

These programs will be for credit degrees with courses lasting 8 weeks.