PhD in Biostatstics Student Profile


Doctor of Philosophy In Biostatistics

Henry illustrating on chalk board

Henry Claussen 
PhD Student
Augusta, GA
Year in Program
: 3rd Year
Mentor: Deepak Ayyala,PhD
Area of Research: Exploring new methods for analyzing complex genetic data. 


I enjoy cooking, playing board games with friends, and spending time with my wife Cassidy.

Mentor's Perspective: 
My mentor has helped me become a better student.  He has been helpful in all areas of study within the program, and has guided me through everything from mathematical theory to computer coding.

Perks of the program: 

Due to the smaller size of our program, it is much easier to learn one on one from professors in our department.  They are consistently available and willing to help.  This program is the right fit for me because I have been able to develop personal relationships with many of my professors.

Favorite AU memory:

My favorite AU memory is learning that I had passed my PhD Comprehensive Exams

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