Recognize Outstanding Talent & Potential

STAR Program Students

You can make an important and significant impact on young students through your donation to the STAR program.

Each year the STAR program has become increasingly competitive, attracting more and more of the best and brightest undergraduates from across the country.  These academically gifted, highly motivated and very talented undergraduate students participate in the STAR program to actively learn about and engage in the scientific process, immerse themselves in Augusta University’s science community, and acquire knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in research. 

This is not a passive, observational experience; rather it is an active experience where STARs are challenged to learn, pushed to do, and leave inspired to be more than they thought they could be.  Each STAR’s hard work, discipline, perseverance and unique spirit  results in individual accomplishments and achievements.  Thus, to distinguish oneself in such a group of exceptional peers is remarkable and deserves recognition. 


In 2003, Dr. Eldridge, an MCG alumni, established the Outstanding STAR Student Award to recognize and promote outstanding undergraduate research accomplishments and scientific potential. In 2005, he established an endowment fund to sustain and promote this award.

You can join Dr. Eldridge in his support and recognition of outstanding young scientists by making a contribution to the STAR program directly or to the J. Charles Eldridge Endowment Fund.

Eldridge Award


Ebad’s memory and spirit live on through the STAR program and the M. Ebad Hasan Memorial Award helps to remind us and others of Ebad, his unique and special qualities and how important these qualities, are for us to carry on in his honor.

The STARs have been sincerely touched to hear about who Ebad was as a person and what kind of impact one person can make on others. It has made them stop and think about the impact their lives and actions will have on others, too.

Ebad Hasan Memorial Award