Master of Science with a Major in Data Science

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Master of Science With a Major In
Data science

  •  Applicable Skills:  this program trains students to have broadly applicable analytical skills in data science
  • Personalized Attention: small class sizes and dedicated faculty 
  • Tailored Experience: Students have the opportunity to take elective courses in genomics, cybersecurity, or other graduate level courses to tailor the program to their interests.
  • Flexible Format: Students have the option to finish the program within a single calendar year (three semesters), two-years, or on a part-time basis.

About the Program

The Master of Science (MS) degree with a Major in Data Science provides individuals with rigorous training in data science methods in order to empower aspiring students with innovative data science methods to address complex problems facing the society and well-being of humankind.  The program will give students a strong foundation and expertise in quantitative methods, machine learning tools and data management skills for optimally visualizing, summarizing and analyzing large and complex data.

Applicant Profile

We welcome highly talented applicants across the usual boundaries of mathematical sciences as well as other scientific disciplines to apply for our MS Data Science program. Specifically, applicants are expected to have proficiency in quantitative methods, problem solving, computer programing and data management, and possess excellent communication skills. 

Meet the Program Director

Dr. Jie Chen

"We are pleased to announce that our newly approved Master of Science degree program with a Major in Data Science is accepting applications! Data science is a relatively new discipline that combines data inference, algorithm development and technology for analytically solving complex problems.  Our new program will provide students with a competitive edge in today’s high-tech workplace by training them in analytical thinking, statistical reasoning and cutting-edge data analytic tools."
- Jie Chen, PhD