Educational Specialist with a Major in Advanced Educational Studies

teacher in a class with students


Educational Specialist With a Major In  
Advanced Educational Studies

  • Coursework addresses advanced knowledge and skills for designing, implementing, and evaluating curriculum that promotes student learning. 
  • Conduct field-based research that is aligned with area of certification 
  • Add Curriculum and Instruction as a certification field upon completion of the GACE in Curriculum and Instruction 
  • Upgrade to a level 6 teaching certificate when C&I is added as a new field 


The Education Specialist (Ed. S.) with a Major in Advanced Educational Studies prepares educators to serve in curriculum and instruction roles in P-12 educational settings. The program consists of 30 semester hours and is approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. All content coursework reflects existing certification areas held by the applicant. 

Integrated into coursework are field assignments that are completed in a variety of educational settings and grade levels. Candidates complete an electronic portfolio in addition to the Ed. S. coursework to demonstrate their ability with the conceptual framework principles of the College of Education. 

Coursework is delivered through face to face, online, and/or hybrid class meetings.


Educators who hold a Master’s Degree or higher and a standard professional teaching certificate at Level 5 or higher may pursue this degree.