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Graduate Faculty Council

The Graduate Council is an advisory body for the dean of the Graduate School and is the primary channel for communication between the graduate faculty and the dean and staff of the Graduate School.

The Graduate Faculty Council

The Graduate Faculty Council

Curriculum Subcommittee

Curriculum Subcommittee

Appointments Subcommittee

Graduate Faculty Appointments

Graduate Faculty Awards

The Graduate School has established 4 awards to recognize graduate faculty members who set the standards for research, teaching, and service excellence in The Graduate School at Augusta University.

  • Distinguished Research Award
  • Distinguished Teacher Award
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • Outstanding Faculty Award

Graduate Student Assistants

The Graduate School is pleased to offer Graduate Assistantships for graduae students at several levels and in different categories. Below are links to information and guides to help you through the graduate assistantship process.

Great Mentoring in Graduate School: A Quick Start Guide for Proteges