Student Achievements

Student achievements

 Linah is presented award(Linah Shahoumi,  Oral Biology & Maxillofacial Pathology program, is awarded the Dr. Robert and Kay Schattner Award from The American Academy of Oral Medicine. Read her story >> )

Our students each have a passion to make a difference for themselves and those in the world around them. As a student at Augusta University, you will have the opportunity to make an impact as part of our biomedical community. 

Read on to learn more about what our great graduate students have accomplished. 

Congratulations to our outstanding students!

Lynn in lab

Lynn Tran wins big at National Conference  

Program: MD/PhD in Genomic Medicine

Mentor: Jin-Xiong She, PhD

Award: 1st Place in Poster Session

Read her story >>

Caryn Bird with Dr. Mitchelly Watsky

Caryn Bird wins The 2019 Graduate School Service Award 

Program: Molecular Medicine

Mentor: Ted Johnson, MD PhD 

Award: 2019 TGS Service Award Recipient

nicole lopez with award

Nicole Lopez wins The 2019 Graduate School Service Award 

Program: Biochemistry & Cancer Biology

Mentor: Betty Pace, MD 

Award: 2019 TGS Service Award Recipient



 Tyler Benson, American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

Rebekah Tritz, American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

Zsuzsanna Bordan, American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship 

Hui-Ping Lin, American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

Alec Davila, American Hearth Association Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Fellowship 

Rodney LittleJohn, National Institute of Health Predoctoral Fellowship 

Alec Davila, American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship 

Reem Atawia, American Heart Association Pre-Doctoral Fellowship 

Huiping Lin, American Heart Association Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

Tyler Benson,  American Heart Association Pre-Doctoral Fellowship 

Zsuzsanna Bordan, American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship 

Rebekah Tritz, American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship


Shinjini Chowdhury, 1st Place in the Poster Competition,( May 2019) Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center Research Day 

Lindsey Ramirez , Research Distinction Awards from the Water & Electrolyte Homeostasis Section , (April 2019)  The American Physiological Society at The Experimental Biology Meeting  

Patricia Martinez-Quinones, Second-Place Winner for Basic Laboratory Research Scientific Papers on Trauma Resident Paper Competition, (March 2019) The American College of Surgeons Committee

Mahmoud Abdelbary & Lindsey Ramirez, 2019 tum Suden awards , (January 2019) The American Association of Physiology 

Mohamed Meghill, Balint Orban Memorial Competition Finalist, (2019) The American Academy of Periodontology  

Mackenzie Hagan , American Society for Bone and Mineral Research Young Investigator Award, (2019) American Society for Bone and Mineral Research .

Mohammad Harun Rashid, The Curtis L. Parker Award For outstanding student scientific accomplishments and presentation at the Thirtieth Annual Student Research Symposium , (Feb 2018) Morehouse School of Medicine.

Mohamed Meghill, Hatton competition and award finalist (2018 ) American Association of Dental Research at the AADR /CADR Annual meeting 

  Molly Braun, Brann Scholarship Award, (2018) Augusta University 


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