The Committee on Committees is responsible for appointing members to any AUFS Operating Committees or other AU committees.

Upon request, the Committee on Committees will also appoint or confirm faculty members to represent faculty in other matters, for example, serving on a task force.


Peter Basciano

Meeting Schedule

TBA. The Committee on Committees will meet monthly. The Chair with the representatives will set the meeting dates and times. The Chair or Senate Liaison will call the first meeting of each academic year.

Agendas & Minutes

Membership Roster

Member Affiliation Term
Peter Basciano (Chair) Executive Committee 2020-2021
Surendra Rajpurohit (Secretary) Executive Committee 2020-2021
Almira Vazdarjanova Executive Committee 2020-2021
Robert "Scotty" Scott Executive Committee 2020-2021
Andrew Balas Executive Committee 2020-2021
Amy Abdulovic-Cui Curriculum and Academic Policies Committee 2020-2021
Mohammad Al-Shabrawey Promotion and Tenure Committee 2020-2021
Paul Attie Information Technology Resources Committee 2020-2021
Hannah Bennett Athletics Committee 2020-2021
Candace Griffith Student Affairs Committee 2020-2021
William "Bill" Hamilton Budget Advisory and University Resources Committee 2020-2021
Melissa Johnson Grievance Committee 2020-2021
VACANT Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Committee 2020-2021
John "Chris" Sligar Governance and Communication Committee 2020-2021
Tiana Curry-McCoy Faculty Development Chair 2020-2021
Neil MacKinnon (ex-officio) Executive Vice President and Provost 2020-2021
Zach Kelehear (ex-officio) Vice President for Innovation and Instruction 2020-2021
Kathy Browder (ex-officio) Associate Provost, Faculty Affairs 2020-2021