Most students at Augusta University report learning about the Center for Writing Excellence from instructors.

We appreciate your ongoing support. In return, the Augusta University Center for Writing Excellence offers several resources to help you and your students succeed. We consider faculty members, graduate assistants, staff and student groups our partners in fostering a lively culture of writing at Augusta University. Therefore, the university Center for Writing Excellence is happy to collaborate with all departments, organizations, and units on campus; we will tailor our services to a course's specific needs.

In-Class Writing Workshop

Writing Workshops can take place in-person or virtually. Please note your preferences on your request form.

Workshops can last anywhere from 30-120 minutes. We will present up to two workshops per term for an instructor or group. Faculty or sponsor must be present for the duration of the workshop. Below are some of our most popular workshops, but others are available:

  • The Writing Process
  • Productive Peer Reviewing
  • Quoting and Paraphrasing
  • Personal Statements
  • MLA Style
  • APA Style
  • Scientific Writing
  • Style and Grammar
  • Literature Reviews

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Class Room


Class Visits

Informational class visits can take place in-person or virtually. Please note your preference on your request form.

Our staff is happy to visit your course to provide a 5-10 minute introduction of our services. We'll demystify what we do at the CWE so students are prepared for their appointments. We are happy to provide informational brochures and handouts per request.

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Include Us On Your Syllabus

Below is a blurb that can be copied and pasted onto your course syllabi or D2L page:

The Augusta University Center for Writing Excellence is a safe space for writers of all majors and disciplines to discuss their writing, oral presentation, and multimedia projects. Our friendly staff offers support for writers at any stage in the writing process, including brainstorming, drafting, and revising. By offering free, one-on-one peer consultations, the CWE staff empowers writers to make well-informed decisions about their texts while helping them to develop an individualized writing process. Writers are encouraged to make appointments for writing projects in any discipline. Undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff have access to our services.

In-person, live online chat, and written feedback online appointments are available to all AU community members. Appointments can be made online via our scheduler. The Center for Writing Excellence is located on the Summerville campus in Allgood Hall, rm. E158 and on the Health Sciences campus in Greenblatt Library rm. 2101. Contact us at or (706) 737-1402. Please check our website and schedule regularly for updates to hours of operation and services. We look forward to working with you.

Guidance on AI Text Generators

Association for Writing Across the Curriculum Statement on AI Text Generators

WAC Clearinghouse Resources for Teaching Writing with AI

Additional Readings and Resources on AI Text Generators (Erwin, 2023).

What to Expect When you Send Students to Us

We offer free, individualized feedback for any Augusta University community member on any writing project. The writer works with a consultant trained in the teaching of writing to define goals for the session. For example, goals might include:

  • Brainstorming Topic Ideas
  • Clarifying and Organizing Ideas
  • Researching, Drafting, and Revising
  • Improving Grammar, Punctuation, and Usage
  • Citing Sources Properly
  • And More...

Consultants help students develop strategies to improve their writing. The assistance we provide is intended to foster students' resourcefulness and self-reliance. Each student determines how to use the consultant's advice and makes all decisions regarding his or her writing. We cannot guarantee better grades or perfectly edited papers, nor do we proofread or edit essays for students; rather we encourage students to take an active part in the consultation and becoming more confident writers.

We work with students from all Augusta University colleges and departments. Whether a student is writing a lab report, a resume, a term paper, a statement for an application, or a creative piece, our consultants are happy to help.

We do not support required visits. Unfortunately, due to the high demand for our services and limitations with staffing, the Center for Writing Excellence cannot support required visits for entire classes. Please contact us to discuss alternatives to required visits.

Important Tips

Do you plan on recommending that students use the Center for Writing Excellence? Reach out to us:

Email the Center for Writing Excellence

Email the CWE with information about the assignment and the number of students expected to visit. The more information the consultants have about your expectations for assignments, the better they can help your students. Plus, we can chat about the nature and scope of consultations and discuss appointment availability.

Invite a CWE Representative Into Your Class for an Informational Class Visit

This quick spiel will help demystify what we do for students, and they will better understand what to expect and how to prepare for the consultation.

Consider Hosting an In-Class Writing Workshop

We offer great writing workshops on a number of topics (APA/MLA citation, research writing, peer-reviewing techniques, style and grammar, etc...). Class-specific, customized workshops are also available upon request. This might be the most efficient way to meet students’ needs.

Reach Your Full Potential

We assist with writing, multimodal projects, and oral presentations for any subject or discipline at any stage in the writing process.


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