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Are you new to the academic publication process and aren't sure where to start? Or perhaps you've published in the past but need some motivation to make progress on a new project. Academic publishing can be intimidating and overwhelming. The CWE's four-part publishing series aims to demystify the scholarly publication process and empower authors so they can publish with confidence. Each workshop will contain content and interactive activities so that attendees have opportunities to practice skills and make progress on their projects. Attendees are highly encouraged to sign up for and attend the entire series so they can work through the publication process in a community, although it is also acceptable to sign up only for the workshops relevant to your process. All workshops will be offered twice over Zoom: once in the morning from 9-10:30am  and once in the afternoon from 3-4:30pm. Workshops will be capped at 15 attendees, so sign up and reserve your spot today!

Part 1: Finding a Journal and Model Texts
June 26, 9a-10:30a, 3p-4:30p
In this opening part of the publishing series, you'll learn strategies for identifying journals that are a good fit for your work. You'll also learn ways to identify and use model texts from your target journal to structure and draft your manuscript. 


Part 2: Structuring Your Article
June 27, 9a-10:30a, 3p-4:30p
In this second part of the publishing series, you'll learn techniques for organizing your article effectively according to genre conventions in your field and target journal. 


Part 3: Revising and Editing Your Article
June 28, 9a-10:30a, 3p-4:30p
In this third part of the publishing series, you'll learn strategies for revision and editing. Revision refers to large-scale, holistic change, while editing refers to sentence-level changes. Presenters will offer tips for developing a recursive writing process that allows you to revise and edit efficiently. 


Part 4: Writing Your Submission Cover Letter and Article Abstract
June 29, 9a-10:30a, 3p-4:30p
In this fourth part of the publishing series, you'll learn what to include in your submission cover letter and article abstract. You'll also learn strategies for organizing these documents effectively. The presenters will also discuss query letters and when they might be useful for your publication process. 


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Writing Retreat

Writing Retreat: Draft Your Personal Statement for Medical/Dental School
June 1, 9a-4p over Zoom

Since medical and dental schools use a common application process, figuring out how to structure your personal statement and what content to include can be tricky. You only get one chance to impress all of the schools to which you will apply. Most applicants will have similar credentials and the statement is one of the only places you get to put a personal touch on your application.  At this writing retreat, you'll learn some basic do's and don'ts for writing a strong personal statement that will make you stand out among your peers. You'll also learn tips for brainstorming, drafting, and revising. 

The retreat will begin with an hour-long presentation on writing strong personal statements for medical/dental programs. Attendees will then set S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based) goals for the day. The remainder of the time will be dedicated to writing in a communal setting. Time will be broken up into "poms" (short for "pomodoro") so that writers get brief breaks throughout the day. Professional and graduate writing consultants will facilitate the retreat and will be available to answer questions and consult with writers one-on-one in break-out rooms as needed.

Come to this retreat at any stage in your drafting process and leave with significant progress made!


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