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Our vision is to be a site of collaborative learning that fosters a culture of excellence in writing, communication, research, and teaching. We bring together the AU community and take a culturally sensitive, inclusive approach to supporting creative, scholarly, and professional activities.



The CWE empowers all members of the AU community in their research and creative activities by providing tools for improving their written, oral, and multimodal composition skills. Because the writing process is social and recursive, all writers, regardless of discipline or ability, benefit from personalized support and opportunities for collaboration. We help writers develop and hone their process through explicit instruction and holistic pedagogical approaches that build on past knowledge to increase confidence and productivity.

The CWE also supports writing across and in the disciplines (WAC/WID) by providing faculty with support for integrating writing and communication into curricula. By facilitating connections and collaborations between faculty and student writers, we prioritize socially just practices in the teaching of writing and communication to foster a collaborative culture that promotes student success and faculty teaching excellence.

The CWE achieves its mission by offering the following supports and services: one-on-one and small group consultations; writing groups, retreats, and boot camps; workshops and presentations; digital learning tools; faculty professional development; and WAC/WID resources and trainings. The center works with the AU community at any stage of the composing process--brainstorming, drafting, revising, and editing— to support all forms of academic, professional writing, and creative writing, including essays, research papers, lab reports, speeches and presentations, digital compositions, posters, multimodal projects, creative works, personal statements, scholarship essays, cover letters, theses and dissertations, grant and extramural funding proposals, and manuscripts for publication. By offering a wide range of supports, the CWE provides transparent, explicit education in writing and communication.

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