Core Faculty

Alexander D. Verin, PhD.

Alexander D. Verin, PhD


Department of Medicine, Pulmonary 


Research Interests

Biochemical basis of endothelial (EC) cytoskeletal regulation and permeability

  • Structure and function of contractile proteins and protein phosphatases

  • Phosphorylation/
    dephosphorylation as mechanism regulation of EC contractility

  • Relationship between EC contractility/cytoskeleton and barrier function

  • Crosstalk between microtubules and microfilaments in EC barrier regulation

  • Contractile responses to bioactive mediators and receptor/signal coupling in EC

Current Projects

  • Microtubules in endothelial cell barrier regulation.
  • Ser/Thr phosphatases in endothelial cell barrier regulation.
  • Molecular mechanisms of TGF�-induced EC permeability.
  • Molecular mechanisms of ATP-induced EC barrier enhancement.

Active Grant Support

NIH HL67307 - Microtubules in lung endothelial cell barrier regulation.
4 yrs (2006-2010), $250,000/year,
Principal Investigator.

The major goals of this project is to examine the role of G-proteins and microtubule (MT)-binding proteins in thrombin-induced MT remodeling and barrier failure. In addition, we propose to examine the role of MT remodeling in sepsis-induced lung injury in vivo.

NIH HL083327 - "ATP in lung endothelial barrier enhancement".
4 yrs (2006-2010), $250,000/year,
Principal Investigator.

The major goal of this project is to examine molecular mechanisms of ATP-induced endothelial cell barrier protection in vitro and in murine model of acute lung injury.

NIH HL080675 - "ALK/SMAD signaling in TGF-�-induced EC permeability".
4 years (2005-2009), $250,000/year,
Principal Investigator.

The major goal of this project is to examine molecular mechanisms of TGF-�-induced endothelial cell barrier dysfunction.

NIH HL058064 - Program Project "Cytoskeletal regulation of lung endothelial pathobiology"
5 yr (2003-2008),
(Principal Investigator Garcia JGN)

Project 5, "Microtubule involvement in endothelial pathobiology",
Project Leader.

The major goals of this project are to examine the role of calmodulin-dependent enzymes in MT remodeling and role of MT dissolution in endothelial cell contraction and permeability.

Honors and Awards

  • 1994 - American Federation of Medical Research Trainee Award.
  • 1992-1994 - Indiana University Dean's Council Member.
  • 1990 - Moscow State University School of Biology Young Scientists Committee Award

Editorial Board

  • 2006-present: American Journal of Physiology (Lung)

Current and Past Trainees

Joyce Gonzales, MD. 2007-present. Pulmonary Fellow.

Zhenghong Fan, MD. 2007-present. Research Associate.

Agnieszka Jezierska, PhD. 2007-present. Postdoctoral Fellow.

Umapathy Siddaramappa, PhD. 2007-present. Research Associate.

Alexander Antonov, PhD. 2006-2007. Postdoctoral Fellow.

Istvan Csikora, MS. 2006 - 2007. Visiting PhD Student.

Kyung-mi Kim, PhD. 2006 - 2007. Postdoctoral Fellow.

Dimitry Gryadunov, PhD. 2004. Postdoctoral Fellow.

Gabor Olah, MS. 2003-2005 Trainee. 2005 -2006 Visiting PhD Student.

Irina Zakeeva, MS. 2003-2004. Trainee.

Kseniya Smurova, PhD. 2002-2003. Recipient of FEBS stipend 2005.

risztina Tar, PhD. 2002-2003. Trainee. Featured speaker on FASEB Experimental biology 2004 "Graduate Student Highlights in Respiration Physiology" session. 2005-2007 Postdoctoral Fellow.

Janibek Adyshev, PhD. 2001-2005. Postdoctoral Fellow.

Irina Kolosova, PhD. 2001-2005. Research Associate. 2004 Recipient of ALA Grant-in-Aid of Maryland.

Tamara Mirzopoyazova, PhD. 2001-2005. Postdoctoral Fellow. Featured speaker on FASEB Experimental Biology 2004 "Hot Topics in Lung Endothelial Biology" session.

Anna Birukova, MD. 2003-2005. Research Associate. 2005 Recipient of AHA National Scientist Development Grant. 2005 CSCR best poster presentation award.

Talaibek Borbiev, PhD. 2001-2004. Research Associate. 2001 National AFMR Trainee Award.

Natalia Bogatcheva, PhD. 2000-2001. Postdoctoral Fellow. 2001 Midwest AFMR Trainee Award.


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Education and Training

Indiana University: Indianapolis, Indiana, Department of Medicine.
Postdoc, Cell Physiology. 1993-1997.

Indiana University: Indianapolis, Indiana, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
Postdoc, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. 1990-1993.

Moscow State University: Moscow, Russia, Department of Biochemistry.
PhD., Biochemistry. 1982-1990.

Moscow State University and Institute of Molecular Biology: Moscow, Russia,
M.S. , Biology. 1977-1982.


  • 2002 - Member, NHLBI Special Emphasis Panel: The adaptations to hypoxia.
  • 2003 - Member, NHLBI Special Emphasis Panel: Functional heterogeneity of the peripheral, pulmonary and lymphatic vessels.
  • 2003 - Member, NCI Initial Review Group: Signal transduction in time and space.
  • 2004 - Member, NHLBI Special Review Committee: Signaling of endothelial permeability and lung vascular injury.
  • 2005 - Member, NIH Vascular Bioengineering Partnership Special Emphasis Panel .
  • 2005 - Health Review Board of Ireland Research Grants.
  • 2005 - Florida Department of Health Biomedical Research Program.
  • 2006 - Ad-hoc member, NHLBI Respiratory Integrative Biology and Translational Research Study Section, Respiratory Sciences Integrated Review Group (RIBT).

Society Memberships

  • American Heart Association (Basic CV Science Council)
  • American Physiological Society (Cell & Molecular Physiology Section)
  • American Society for Cell Biology
  • American Thoracic Society
  • European Respiratory Society