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Kareem Abdelsaid           

2019      MCG Graduate Research Day Excellence in Research Award

2019      Graduate School Travel Award, Experimental Biology Meeting

2018      Translational Research Program Award, Department of Medicine, MCG


Candee Barris

2021      Ji Cheng Memorial & Phi Kappa Phi Award for Excellence in Research by a Biomedical Sciences student in the early years of training, Graduate Research Day


Zsuzsanna Bordan 

2019       Ji Cheng Memorial Award for Excellence in Research, Graduate Research Day, Augusta University, Augusta, GA

2019      Best Student Presentation Award in Vascular Biology Journal Club, Augusta University, Augusta, GA

2018-2020           Predoctoral Fellowship, American Heart Association


Brandee Goo

2021        Travel award to attend the Fredrickson Lipid Research Conference September 2021


Steve Haigh       

2019-2022           Predoctoral fellowship NIH F-31


Taylor Kress

2021       American Heart Assoc. Predoctoral Award, Graduate Research Day

2021       The Graduate School Award for Excellence in Research by a Graduate Student


Caleb Padgett   

       2021-2022     President, Biomedical Student Association

       2021      Best Session Presentation Award, Graduate Research Day   

       2021      Program & Discipline Award for Excellence in Research – Vascular Biology, Graduate Research Day

       2020      Award of Excellence, Graduate Student Government Association

       2020      Article written on him here: PhD Student Brings Joy to Patients in the Georgia Cancer Center

2020      Junior Reviewer, American Journal of Physiology

2020      Figure Reviewer, heart and Circulatory Physiology

2019-2020           Treasurer, Biomedical Sciences Student Association Officer

2018-2023          Predoctoral Fellowship, National Institutes of Health

2018-2019           Social Chair, Biomedical Sciences Student Association Officer