Lab Personnel

photo of Orazio Slivano

Orazio Slivano

  • Lab Manager, Histotechnologist
photo of Susan Griffin

Susan Griffin

  • Research Associate, Mouse Colony Manager
photo of Bart Bryant, PhD

Bart Bryant, PhD

  • Assistant Research Scientist, Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology of noncoding RNAs
photo of Ajay Kumar, PhD

Ajay Kumar, PhD

  • Assistant Research Scientist, Molecular Biology of Myocardin and CRISPR Mice
photo of Amr Salem, PhD

Amr Salem, PhD

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Molecular biology of noncoding RNAs and CRISPR mice
photo of Jaser Doja

Jaser Doja

  • Graduate Student, Molecular biology of SRF and Myocardin and CRISPR mice
photo of Jadin Dukes

Jadin Dukes

  • Research Aide
photo of Osarume Ogala

Osarume Ogala

  • Undergraduate Student