Lab Personnel


Our laboratory utilizes a broad range of technologies and strategies to investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating the function of inflammatory cells, vascular endothelium and smooth muscle cells in the development of cardiovascular disorders.

Safia Ogbi

Safia Ogbi
Research Manager



Louise MeadowsLouise Meadows
Sr. Research Associate




Robert BatoriRobert Batori
Postdoctoral Fellow




Zsuzsanna Bordan

Zsuzsanna Bordan
Phd Candidate
Grant support: AHA Predoctoral Fellowship; 2018-2020



Steve HaigeSteve Haigh
PhD Candidate
Grant support: NIH F-31 Predoctoral Fellowship; 2019-2020
AHA Predoctoral Fellowship; 2018-2020


Hunter Sellers

Hunter Sellers
PhD Student





Member Activities & News


Dr. Fulton & Dr. Batori awards


Robert Batori, PhD

Award for Excellence in Research by a Postdoctoral Fellow (poster)

  • 2nd place – Robert Batori











Bordan and Grid

Zsuzsanna Bordan

JI CHENG MEMORIAL AWARD for Excellence in Research, Graduate Research Day, Augusta University, Augusta, GA

Best Student Presentation Award in Vascular Biology Journal Club, Augusta University, Augusta, GA