Lab Personnel


Our laboratory utilizes a broad range of technologies and strategies to investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating the function of inflammatory cells, vascular endothelium and smooth muscle cells in the development of cardiovascular disorders.

Dr. Ghoshal

Pushpankur Ghoshal, PhD
Assistant Research Scientist (2015 – present).

Dr. Ghoshal is studying the molecular mechanisms by which loss of NF1 signaling in macrophages contributes to the development of aneurysm formation.




Ahn Won Mo

WonMo Ahn
Graduate student (2020 – present).

Mr. Ahn examines the mechanisms by which cholesterol in patients with normal LDL levels enter the vascular endothelium.

Grant support: NIH F31 Predoctoral Fellowship; 2022-2025


Maria Blahove

Maria Blahove
Graduate Student 

My focus is on the link between exosomes and cardiovascular diseases. By targeting exosomes in diseased states our lab hopes to gain a better understanding of the cross-talk between cells that occurs during cardiovascular diseases and furthers progression of the disease.





Dr. Csanyi lab group smiling
Dr. Huiping with guests at AHA Donor appreciation reception
Dr. Csanyi lab photo- with smiles




Member Activities & News


Huiping Lin-

receives PhD with distinction



Dr. Huiping and poster AHA Donor awards

Huiping Lin

Best Student Presentation Award, VBC Journal Club

Semi finalist for the 3MT at AU

Finalist for the JIA for Women, ATVB Conference, Boston, MA

Best Student JC Presentation Award in VBC

Selected for Rapid Fire Oral Presentation, AHA, Philadelphia


Drs. Lin and Csanyi ATVB Award

Huping Lin -

ATVB Travel Award, San Francisco, CA

Summer 2018 Predoctoral Fellowship Award, AHA








Dr. Bhupesh Singla Poster AHA Donor Reception

Bhupesh Singla -

Poster presentation,  AHA Donor Appreciation Reception (photo attached #6 )







Dr. Lian and Csanyi

Huiping Lin -

Award for Excellent Research in Vascular Biology, AU











Dr. Gabor Csanyi

Gabor Csanyi –

Poster presentation, AHA Donor Appreciation Reception