Every child with a pediatric cancer should be enrolled in a clinical trial.

Here’s why:

  • Newer treatments: Clinical trials give your child the chance to receive the latest therapies.
  • Improved cancer care: Since pediatric cancer overall affects a smaller population than, say, adult cancer, there aren’t as many total trials available for kids. So when more children take part in clinical trials, that helps doctors and researchers discover newer treatments and treatment processes that could help your child as well as many other children in the future.
  • More access: Research has found that cancer outcomes sometimes aren’t as good in minority or underserved populations. One challenge is access. Through programs like Georgia CaRES, clinical trials are now more available than ever to these populations, who often need them the most.

National Trials, Right Here in Georgia
The Children’s Hospital of Georgia, a partner of the Georgia Cancer Center and a part of Augusta University Health, gives children with cancer the chance to be a part of national, regional and local cancer clinical trials.

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The pediatric cancer research program at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia serves all of Georgia and parts of South Carolina, including these counties:

Pediatric Cancer GA counties

Pediatric Cancer SC counties

                 Georgia                                                     South Carolina



Our program also cares for adolescents and young adults, since treatment protocols for pediatric patients tend to be a better fit for these age groups, compared to protocols designed for someone who is 40.

We work closely with families and are with them at every step of the process.

Trials may be available for every type of pediatric cancer, including cancer recurrences. Also included are cancer care delivery trials, which can help improve the processes we use to treat cancer, and trials looking at supportive care for patients with cancer. All of these trials can help improve cancer outcomes.

The national clinical trials are available through the children’s hospital’s affiliation with the Children’s Oncology Group, a clinical trials group supported by the National Cancer Institute. COG is recognized as the world’s largest organization devoted to pediatric cancer research, and it brings together more than 9,000 experts in childhood cancer from more than 200 leading children’s hospitals around the world.

A Home Away From Home 

The Children’s Hospital of Georgia serves children with from counties throughout Georgia and the region. For families traveling to Augusta, our on-campus Ronald McDonald House (just steps away from the hospital entrance) offers a home away from home while your child is receiving treatment.