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A partnership coordinated by Augusta University, the Georgia Statewide AHEC Network is a complex, multi-disciplinary effort which responds to the problems of health professionals supply and distribution in rural and underserved areas of the state.

Since 1984, the Georgia Statewide AHEC Network has represented a growing partnership of health providers, health professions students, educators, state agencies, and communities joined together with a commitment to resolve these problems through educational support to health professionals in the field, both as students and as practitioners.

AHEC Housing during COVID-19

AHEC housing is a precious commodity and necessary to support our academic and clinical partners.  We have implemented an aggressive cleaning protocol for all of our units and are following all CDC guidelines.  It is our assumption that your students will be performing under the CDC guidelines, and that you will be providing them with the necessary PPE and instructions on proper handwashing, etc.  While students work in clinical settings, they will be interacting with healthcare workers, patients, and families in the clinical learning environment; therefore they are not in a COVID19-free “bubble” outside their housing units. As they (and we) go out in public and move around in the “open” Georgia where people interpret the CDC guidelines differently, there is ambient risk. Given these considerations, AHEC housing policy is to proceed with our typical housing assignments which do involve shared bedrooms and bathrooms.  To do differently effectively halves our bed inventory in support of community based clinical training.  We are confident students will be as safe in our housing as they are anywhere in the community, as long as they follow the recommended guidelines. 

A few of our academic partners have requested non-shared bedrooms or bathrooms during this time.  If availability allows, we will attempt to meet this request, but believe it will be highly unlikely.  Thank you for your understanding.


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