Facilitate community-based clinical training experiences

The Georgia AHEC system's goal is to increase access to primary care services in rural and urban underserved areas through the recruitment, training and retention of primary care health professionals. To this end, the programs' primary objectives are to facilitate community based clinical training experiences for students and residents.

Provided community based clinical trainings to 715 minority students.

247 AHEC supported health professions students completed their educational programs and returned to practice within the supporting AHEC region this year.


Improves readiness, willingness, and ability of health professions trainees to serve in primary care, and rural and underserved community settings.


total student rotations facilitated

Community based clinical training integrates students into strong learning environments and develop professional networks – aiding in the retention of clinicians who train and complete residency programs in these communities. AHEC supports health profession students, preceptors and educational institutions by providing rotation placement assistance, housing, travel stipends, and preceptor development. Our complimentary services are available within all 159 Georgia counties.


clinical training hours provided


Licensed healthcare providers who instruct, train and supervise health profession students during the clinical training portion of their educational studies. The training received from a preceptor allows the student to apply the knowledge received from the classroom in a real world setting. They also serve as mentors - can “open doors” and assist with gaining access to places and experiences students may not have received otherwise.


Preceptors training students in community based clinical training sites across 107 Georgia counties.

1,973 Rotations in Primary Care Setting

1,354 Rotations in Non-Primary Care Setting

Serving Georgia’s Communities Since 1984

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