Educate community members about health career choices and recruit future health professionals

The Georgia AHEC system's goal is to increase access to primary care services in rural and urban underserved areas through the recruitment, training and retention of primary care health professionals. To this end, the programs' primary objectives are to educate community members about health career choices and recruit future health professionals.

Provided health careers trainings and activities to 4,485 minority students, teachers, and adults.

90 Counties in the state of Georgia have participants attending health career programs.


Expose students to health careers and develop intent to pursue post-secondary education in primary healthcare professions.


total participants in 511 regional AHEC activities and programs


Communities are experiencing a shortage of well-trained healthcare professionals.

Health Careers videos allow students, teachers and adults to see opportunities in many fantastic careers that pay high dividends with job satisfaction, earning capacity, and mobility while touring the facilities where health professionals work. Watch the videos »


Video views


Health Careers in Georgia is a comprehensive guide to health careers created for all individuals interested in a healthcare profession. The manual contains information on health careers as well as a number of additional resources. View Manual »

  • Health Career Job descriptions
  • What kind of work you would do
  • How much money you would make
  • How much education after High School
  • Where you would go to school
  • What qualities you need for the job
  • High School roadmap
  • Where to get money for school


Print copies distributed

Intensive Programs

Health Careers Programs consist of 20+ hours.

Example Health Careers Programs:

  • Pathway to Med School
  • Career Counseling
  • Health Careers Camps
  • Health Careers Presentations
  • After School Programs
  • Shadowing Opportunities




intensive programs

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