At Augusta University, we believe in offering our students value by providing an affordable education for life – that includes our friends and neighbors in South Carolina. We hope this information helps you navigate our application process and puts you on a path to success as a member of Jag Nation.


Tuition Waiver

Augusta University offers South Carolina students an affordable option that’s close to home and is the most affordable comprehensive research university in both the state of Georgia and South Carolina. We have recently been named by Forbes as a Top 10 Low-Profile, High-Value College.

All qualified South Carolina residents will be eligible to receive a waiver allowing students to pay our affordable in-state tuition cost. The approximate savings is almost $15,000 per year or a total of $60,000 over four years.


Students in the dorms

South Carolina residents enrolled as degree-seeking undergraduate students in any of our non-limited capacity programs are eligible for this waiver for four years.

Students planning to enroll in limited capacity programs are eligible to utilize the waiver during their pre-concentration period (while taking prerequisites, also known as the core curriculum) before actually enrolling in their desired program. Our limited capacity programs include Clinical Lab Science, Dental Hygiene, Health Information Administration, Nursing, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Radiation Therapy, and Respiratory Therapy. 

Students who are residents of Aiken or Edgefield counties are eligible for the waiver no matter their program. Eligibility for students under the age of 24 is generally determined by their parent or legal guardian’s residence. Degree-seeking graduate students who are residents of Aiken or Edgefield counties are eligible for this waiver as well. 


Want to check your eligibility? (Note - eligibility will still need to be confirmed by the Office of Academic Admissions.)

To Apply

1. Apply for Admission

Apply as a degree-seeking student to Augusta University. You can locate find the application at For details about admissions requirements, you can visit our Freshman page, our Transfer page, or the website for your specific program.

2. Check Your Status

After applying students will have access to an application portal where you can check your status throughout the process.

3. Submit Waiver

Once admitted, eligible students will see the South Carolina Waiver application appear on their application portal. Complete this form and supply requested supporting documentation to have the waiver applied.