1828 Ambassadors is an organization under the leadership of the Vice President of Student Affairs. This group of student leaders is committed to helping the Augusta University community grow. Serving the Division of Enrollment and Student Affairs, ambassadors draw on their personal Augusta University experiences to highlight the opportunities and benefits of an Augusta University education through social media, special events, and group tours. On and off campus, the 1828 Ambassadors are the face of Augusta University to both current and prospective students and university guests.

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photo of Dilan Shah

Dilan Shah

  • President
photo of Emily Wilcox

Emily Wilcox

  • Vice President of Membership
photo of Anne Hu

Anne Hu

  • Vice President of Tours/Training
photo of Nia Battle

Nia Battle

  • Vice President of Communications
photo of Hayley Bouch

Hayley Bouch

photo of Katelyn Curry

Katelyn Curry

photo of Lauren Green

Lauren Green

photo of Hannah Hoyt

Hannah Hoyt

photo of Katlin Pugh

Katlin Pugh

photo of Dalton Mcphee

Dalton Mcphee

photo of Isaiah Maddox

Isaiah Maddox

photo of Alyssa Findley

Alyssa Findley

photo of Jade Moss

Jade Moss

photo of Puju Punukollu

Puju Punukollu

photo of Abraham Teklu

Abraham Teklu

photo of Zy'Keria Fuller

Zy'Keria Fuller

photo of Justin Goddard

Justin Goddard

photo of Louisa Shepherd

Louisa Shepherd

photo of A'nasia Monford

A'nasia Monford

photo of Fasih Shaikh

Fasih Shaikh

photo of DeAsia Perkins

DeAsia Perkins

photo of Nardy Mekuriaw

Nardy Mekuriaw

photo of Kristy Nguyen

Kristy Nguyen

photo of Joshua Roden

Joshua Roden

photo of Luke Anderson

Luke Anderson

photo of Dalani Russell

Dalani Russell