Research experience for undergraduates is a way to foster creative discoveries in the mathematical sciences.

Students engage in an open exchange of ideas to solve mathematical problems that stem from real-life situations. They are motivated to look at math as it relates to medicine, science, industry, education, art and design, and engineering and to communicate how new findings impact the world.

Students are encouraged to participate in competitions, attend conferences and present at meetings offered through the Mathematical Association of America (MAA).


Mathematical Biology

Mathematical Biology involves the use of mathematics to model biological processes from the most basic operations of molecular biology to disease processes to epidemiology to complete ecosystems.

Faculty: Dr. Atanaska Dobreva / Dr. Eric Numfor / Dr. Michael Otunuga / Dr. Seth Oppenheimer

Numerical Analysis

Numerical Analysis is the art of using powerful computers to find approximate solutions to mathematical problems that have eluded closed form solutions as well as developing the tools to produce accurate simulations.

Faculty: Dr. He Yang / Dr. Anastasia Wilson / Dr. Thir Dangal


Statistics is the discipline that concerns the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data,

Faculty: Dr. Dharma Thiruvaiyaru / Dr. Sankar Sethuraman / Dr. Durga Kutal

Data Science

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that uses statistics, numerical analysis, and artificial intelligence to extract coherent knowledge from large, often noisy, data sets.

Faculty: Dr. He Yang / Dr. Michael Otunuga / Dr. Durga Kutal

Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is the art of using mathematics to model, analyze, and make predictions from various areas of science, economics, and engineering.

Faculty: Dr. Atanaska Dobreva / Dr. Eric Numfor / Dr. Michael Otunuga / Dr. Seth Oppenheimer / Dr. He Yang / Dr. Anastasia Wilson / Dr. Thir Dangal


Algebra is the study of structures such as groups, rings, and fields. Used extensively in cryptography and often connected to other areas of mathematics such as number theory, combinatorics, and graph theory.

Faculty: Dr. Neal Smith / Dr. Chris Terry


Optimization is the application of mathematics to obtain the best possible outcome for given applied problems from engineering and economics.

Faculty: Dr. Anastasia Wilson

Mathematics Education

Mathematics Education is an interdisciplinary area where a deep understanding of mathematics is combined with psychology, learning theory, and other social sciences to improve the way we teach mathematics and educate mathematics teachers.

Faculty: Dr. Jia He / Dr. Mark Freitag

Differential Equations

Differential Equations is a way to relate various quantities and their rates of change with respect to time and/or space and understand the behavior of such systems by a careful understanding of these relations.

Faculty: Dr. Atanaska Dobreva / Dr. Eric Numfor / Dr. Michael Otunuga / Dr. Seth Oppenheimer / Dr. He Yang / Dr. Anastasia Wilson / Dr. Thir Dangal

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