Title IX sign on tableAugusta University is committed to fostering a community that supports complainants, victims, and respondents to ensure proper response to sexual misconduct allegations, prompt, fair and impartial investigations.

The Title IX Coordinator meets with the reporter, complainant, and the respondent to gather information, offer support services, options for reporting, review interim measures (as appropriate) and a determination is made whether a Title IX investigation will occur. A trained Title IX investigator will gather information, facts, relevant documents, conduct interviews, analyze and write a report to indicate whether or not there’s sufficient evidence for a sexual misconduct policy charge. Throughout the process, both the complainant and respondent have the same rights and responsibilities. Both parties have a right to review the information, the right to an advisor, the right to provide witnesses, documents and appeal procedures. 

Through standards set forth in the Sexual Misconduct policy, Student Code of Conduct and the Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination policy and protocol; a fair, unbiased and fact-finding investigation will provide a report for subsequent decision making through to a Hearing process. A Hearing Officer or Hearing Panel will make a decision based upon the standard of evidence “more likely than not”. If the respondent is found responsible for a policy violation, based upon the evidence and facts, sanctions are outlined in a decision letter to both parties. As outlined in the Sexual Misconduct Policy, both parties may appeal a final decision.  

Rights of all Parties

  • The complainant and respondent have the right to address any allegations or threats with the Title IX Coordinator, free from retaliation.
  • Both the complainant and respondent have the right to an advisor for support and guidance throughout the process.
  • Both the complainant and respondent are treated fairly, without bias, free from judgment and with due process protections.
  • Both parties are encouraged to seek support services, resources and interim measures as deemed necessary for a safe and secure environment.
  • Both parties are offered options for resolution to include; Informal Resolution, Sexual Misconduct Policy investigation and reporting to AUPD or local law enforcement.
  • Through the Sexual Misconduct policy, the complainant and respondent may request an Informal Resolution and when agreeable to both parties and the university, this may occur instead of a Title IX/Sexual Misconduct investigation.     

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