Institutional Research maintains a number of reporting and analytics tools for various purposes depending on the need. 
IR Tools

Tools Comparison
  AU Data Portal AU Analytics
Platform Oracle BI Tableau Server
Data Sources AU Data Warehouse only AU data warehouse, census files, survey results, and many others
Audience Internal to AU senior leadership, deans and unit administrators, chairs, program directors, and related support staff Internal and/or external audiences as appropriate
Intended Use Better for efforts that...
  • provide ongoing support for institutional strategic initiatives
  • present straightforward summaries of institution-wide metrics and trends, where near-real-time data (usually updated daily) and "drill-to-detail" are important
Better for efforts that...
  • are potentially short-lived
  • required sophisticated data visualization or exploration features
  • build on "snapshots", survey results, departmental data, or "mashups" of various data sources
  • need "quick wins" and are responsive to changing requirements