Survey Research

The Office of Institutional Research, under the Division of Institutional Effectiveness, serves as Augusta University's clearinghouse for institutional administrative surveys, which are internally initiated assessments that collect data from a super-set audience across the entire Augusta University institution. The Office of Institutional Research's goals pertaining to institutional surveys are:

  1. Support areas across the enterprise to collect data via surveys.
  2. Ensures survey results are reliable and valid for effective decision making purposes.
  3. Minimize survey fatigue for target populations.
  4. Minimize duplicative survey efforts.


If you are an employee from an administrative unit, clinic, medical center department, or college wishing to administer a survey that solicits input from other members or prospective members of Augusta University at a super-set population level (e.g., all Freshman students - not Freshmen students in a particular class; same for faculty, staff, and alumni), you should obtain permission from your supervisor and the responsible senior leaders for the target population, then by IE. Please complete a survey request form to initiate this process. 

Before submitting a survey request form, it is highly recommended that you review this brief Institutional Administrative Survey Guide. The guide covers:

  • The basic process the requestor will experience with IR
  • Best practices for survey design checklist
  • Information about our survey distribution system
  • What type of reports and analyses IR can produce
  • How the results should be used (i.e., discuss in your Annual Unit Plan)
  • Examples of Likert and frequency scales
  • Links to population sample calculators

Student Engagement surveys

Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (2016 results)

BCSSE is an annual, national survey administered by Indiana University to incoming freshmen to measure expectations of student engagement. 

National Survey of Student Engagement (2014)

NSSE is an annual, national survey administered by Indiana University to hundreds of four-year institutions assessing freshmen and senior student engagement. 2014 was the first year [GRU] participated in NSSE. 

Graduation Exit Survey - At-a-Glance

The Graduation Exit Survey assesses undergraduate and graduate level students who are finishing their programs on their post-graduation.


  • Qualtrics University - Qualtrics University is a training website to learn the survey system.
  • Questionnaire Survey Research - This guide outlines the basic procedure of survey research, and is sponsored by the Association of Institutional Research.