Data Governance

Data Governance Committees


Mickey Williford, Chair Interim Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
Michael Casdorph Chief Information Officer
Kathy Browder Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
Ian Mercier Vice President for University Foundations
Susan Davies Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs
Susan Norton Vice President for Human Resources
Lee Fruitticher Vice President for Finance
Michael Diamond Senior Vice President for Research
Ron Booth Vice President for Facilities
Heather Metress Registrar
Clay Sprouse Chief Audit Officer
Chris Melcher General Counsel
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Data Stewards Advisory COMMITTEE

Heather Metress Registrar 
Sharri Peck HRIS & Reporting
Michael Dotson Advancement Services
Sheree Wright Sponsored Programs Pre Award
Janice Chancey Financial Information Systems    
Holly Goodson Institutional Research
Ed Townsend Information Technology
Heather Roszkowski Chief Information Security Officer
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Heather Metress, Chair Registrar
Jacqueline Duca Admissions
Debra Turner Financial Aid
TBD Enrollment Services                
Beth Welsh Bursar
Katherine Sweeney Student Success
Joseph Pierce Student Engagement
LaSharn Thomas Information Technology
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Sharri Peck, Chair HRIS & Reporting
Morgan Chavous Benefits, Data Management, Faculty Support
Becky Williams Human Resources
Dena Pickett Talent Acquisition & Management
Heather Kennedy Faculty Support Services
Wilisha Walden Information Technology
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Sheree Wright, Chair Pre Award Services
Jason Guilbeault Post Award Services
Diego Vazquez Sponsored Programs Administration
Ivy Tillman Human Resource Protection
Sandra Bandy Libraries
Quentin Davis Undergraduate Research
Charlene Mackie Information Analyst
Mia Jolly Information Technology
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Janice Chancey, Chair Financial Information Systems
Marlo Key Budget Operations
Corrina Warner Assistant Controller
Pam Newman Assistant Controller
Laura Craft Financial Accounting
Tara Montroy Budget Operations
Stephen Lamb/Stacy Bolin Foundations Finance
Matt Coleman Information Technology
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Michael Dotson, Chair  Advancement Services                        
Brianne Clark Communications & Marketing
Tina Baggott Volunteer Services
Aisha Lavin Facilities
Dale Hartenburg Auxiliary Services
TBD Strategic Partnerships
TBD Athletics
Morgan Whaley Information Technology
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Wes Kisting, Chair  Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences                        
Andria Thomas Medical College of Georgia
Bill Hamilton College of Nursing
Jean Pawl College of Nursing
Andrew Goss Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Rich Griner College of Science & Mathematics
Mark Thompson Hull College of Business
Kathy Browder Faculty Affairs
Abigail Drescher Student Success
John Hopkins Information Technology
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