Data Guidelines

Acceptable Use Statement

AU Acceptable Use

Data Confidentiality

Data which are held in strict confidence includes the following types:

  • Any data which can be personally-identified, whether student, faculty, or staff, must be considered confidential due to federal legislation and/or college policy. Examples of such data are admission family profile information.
  • Any data on other colleges or universities provided through means other than public documents.
  • Information which has not been verified by an official source, data or information that has been identified as “for internal distribution only”, and data or information which has been released to IR under the veil of confidentiality.
  • Information which is accessible by the IR staff to be used only for fulfilling the mandates and duties of the office, will not be released either verbally or in written form to individuals outside the office, and will be disposed of properly if containing sensitive data such as social security numbers and salary information.
  • Employees will notify the Director if breaches of confidentiality or security occur or if persons external to IR attempt to solicit information to which they should not have access.