Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Pharmacology

Doctor of Philosophy With a Major In

  • Cutting-edge research in cardiac, vascular, pulmonary and neurological diseases, diabetes and drug abuse
  • State-of-the-art molecular and pharmacological approaches are applied to clinically relevant models of disease. 
  • Outstanding teaching faculty in basic science and medical aspects of Pharmacological principles and their relevance to novel drug discovery
  • Successful graduates employed in academic research and in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries


Pharmacology is a very progressive science that combines the most ground-breaking and modern aspects of all major biomedical disciplines with the primary goals of making safe and effective medicines and understanding how they work. Areas of focus include subcellular localization of drug targets, receptor binding events, gene- and immuno-therapy, modulation of enzymatic activities and many others. 

Our students engage in an exciting journey to identify novel therapeutics and targets, create new molecules, and test their effects in clinically relevant models of cardiovascular, neuroscience and other human diseases.  

Our faculty are internationally recognized researchers and passionate teachers committed to training the next generation of scientists, teachers and other professionals.

Our graduates obtain cutting-edge jobs in medical, academic research, teaching, pharmaceutical industry, regulatory (e.g. FDA), scientific retail, law and other professions.

If you are thinking about an exciting career in Pharmacology we would love to talk with you!     


Typical applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in a biomedical science, some biomedical research experience and a strong career interest in the field of Pharmacology.