The Governance and Communication Committee collaborates with AU colleges as appropriate to oversee issues of shared governance, to oversee and validate secure elections to the Faculty Senate, and to facilitate communication among faculty.

The committee keeps college governance structures informed on elections and Senate membership. At the direction of the AUFS, the committee reviews and conducts online surveys to monitor faculty opinion of the university and to review the administration. At the direction of the Faculty Senate the committee conducts online votes of the faculty.

The committee works to provide avenues which allow faculty to communicate with the committee and the Senate on all issues related to shared governance.


One to two representatives from each college serve a one-year term and are appointed by the Committee on Committees. There will be two senate liaisons, and the chair must be a member of the Faculty Senate.


John Sligar

Meeting Schedule

Governance and Communication Committee typically meets monthly. The Chair with the representatives will set the meeting dates and times. The Chair or Senate Liaison will call the first meeting of each academic year.

Agendas & Minutes

Membership Roster

Member College Term
Elizabeth Coleman College of Allied Health Sciences 2022-2023
Nai-Cheng Kuo College of Education 2022-2023
Ottilie Rung College of Nursing 2022-2023
Tamara McKethan College of Nursing 2022-2023
John Sligar (Chair) College of Science and Mathematics 2021-2023
Emma Kate Morgan Libraries 2022-2023
Greg Griffin Dental College of Georgia 2022-2023
Michael Milano Dental College of Georgia 2022-2023
Justin Ertle Medical College of Georgia 2022-2023
Sangeetha Sukumari Ramesh Medical College of Georgia 2022-2023
Laura Mulloy Medical College of Georgia 2022-2023
Augustine Hammond Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences 2022-2023