The Budget Advisory and University Resources Committee interacts with the administration on budgetary matters and all matters directly related to University budgets and resources. This includes all physical and educational resources such as research space, physical plant, office space, parking, dormitories, athletic facilities, libraries, laboratories, online instructional resources, and classrooms.


One to two representatives from each college serve a two-year term and are appointed by the Committee on Committees.


Bill Hamilton

Meeting Schedule

The Budget Advisory and University Resources Committee typically meets monthly. The Chair with the representatives will set the meeting dates & times. The Chair or Senate Liaison will call the first meeting of each academic year.

Agendas & Minutes

Membership Roster

Member College Term
Sharad Purohit College of Allied Health Sciences 2022-2023
Karen Walton College of Nursing 2022-2023
Bill Hamilton (Chair) College of Nursing 2021-2024
Katherine Williams College of Science and math 2022-2023
Rod Bustos Librairies 2022-2023
Prajakta Shreeram Kulkarni Dental College of Georgia 2022-2023
Dj Pannu Dental College of Georgia 2022-2023
Marsha Loda Hull College of Business 2022-2023
Trent Kays Pamplin College 2022-2023
Joshua Fakess Medical College of Georgia 2022-2023