Need some creative inspiration through imagery or social media or information on our digital resources across campus? We got you.

The University Communications and Marketing team oversee all efforts with social media, podcasting, photography, videography and our mobile app, Jag Mobile.

Our experienced team is comprised of talented professionals who offer full-service and insight into digital content creation, images, and videos. We manage and maintain all official social media accounts for the university as well as offer resources and assistants to affiliated accounts.

Our videographers and photographers capture campus life and house the university's official database of content, while our podcast host, Raysean Ricks, helps to tell our stories around the institution and healthcare system. All of this content creation is hosted on our mobile app.

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Provided Services

Digital Tools

Our team provides useful tools to build and boost content for websites, social media, news, video applications, photography creation, royalty free music, and more. Explore the numerous options to become a DIY content creator.


Our staff photographers capture the people, architecture, and moments that make us unique. By request, our staff photographer is available for projects that will be used for mass communication purposes.


Podcasting as well as audio platforms are becoming one of the most popular trends in our ever-changing digital world. Augusta University is proud to offer podcasting opportunities to our students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Public Photos & Branding

Augusta University's Photography database. Download, share, and show the world what’s happening on and around campus. Build your content with our easy and free galleries!

Social Media

We manage accounts affiliated with Augusta University, Augusta University Health, the Augusta University Alumni Association and the Children's Hospital of Georgia, while overseeing all affiliated accounts.


Our video producers manage a wide variety of projects that are used inside and outside of major campaigns and branding purposes at Augusta University. Professional quality and a concise message are our goals for every video we produce.

Digital Resources on Campus

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In the Wild

In the Wild, Augusta University’s official podcast, is a weekly podcast hosted by AU alumni Raysean Ricks. He catches you up with university news, events and breaks down what life is really like for a college student.

In the Wild
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Jag Mobile by AU

Jag Mobile is a one-stop virtual location for all need-to-know information. This will include news and alerts, department updates, emergency information, health resource information, student updates and more.

Jag Mobile by AU
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Social Media

Social media allows individuals to create and participate in online communities. These communities grant opportunities for individuals to share information, ideas, stories, and engaging content such as photos and videos.

Social Media

Electronic Bulletin Boards

To help out all departments and divisions around campus, IT has provided a listserv email that sends to all operators of our digital screens. This option allows for your message to be posted around campus with just one email. 

*Please note that this listserv is for internal purposes only.

Additional Services


The video team can handle all aspects of a production from "script to screen”.

Our video producers manage a wide variety of projects that are used inside and outside of the university. Professional quality and a concise message are our goals for every video we produce. Some video services include pre-production, field and studio production, professional lighting, and more.

The Video Team is located in University Hall, Room 176, on the Summerville Campus.

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Our staff photographers capture the people, architecture, and moments that make our university unique.

We no longer provide headshots or group photos. For events that are requested, we can arrange a freelance photographer. This includes photography of your event and editing services. Photography requests for events that occur after 5pm or on weekends will be handled by a freelancer. 

We are located at 1459 Laney Walker Blvd.

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Graphic Design

Our graphic artists create appealing and original designs to enhance the Augusta University brand.

Our team has created various art and creative assets and templates that are available upon request or by checking our brand website

We are located at 1459 Laney Walker Blvd.

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Guidelines and Policies

While our community grows on campus, across the nation and online, we want to make sure that our social media users are knowledgeable about their rights and their boundaries.

Any Augusta University affiliated social media accounts that wish to be included in our social media directory must be approved by the Division of Communications & Marketing. Please send a request to be added to, including the URL to the account, a brief description of the account purpose, and a key point of contact who will be responsible for managing the account. This person must be a full-time employee of Augusta University.

Any account representing a student organization must be registered with the Office of Student Life and Engagement.

Dormant & Inactive Social Media Accounts Bearing the Augusta University Name:

Social media channels at Augusta University must be consistently updated and monitored. The Digital Content Team in the Division of Communications & Marketing assesses all affiliated accounts. A social media audit occurs four times a year to monitor accounts and review activity. Accounts that have been inactive for an extended period of time may be subject to deactivation or deletion. Deactivation and deletion will be carried out by contacting and working with appropriate leadership. If you have created or acquired a social media account that bears the Augusta University name or marks, but that account is not used in regular and direct support of institutional priorities, you should take steps to have the account removed from the relevant social network.

Logos and Marks

The use of all logos or marks must adhere to Augusta University Brand Guidelines.

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