Social media allows individuals to create and participate in online communities. These communities grant opportunities for individuals to share information, ideas, stories, and engaging content such as photos and videos.

As an institution, Augusta University understands that social media plays a large role in the lives of our students, alumni, faculty and staff. Our institutional values encourage members of the Augusta University family to interact with one another across platforms. Social media platforms are easy-access, low-cost, large-audience communication tools, that we as a university use to enrich our environment and further discovery.

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Fun, witty, youthful, enthusiastic, and authentic.

We are achievement-oriented but never boastful. We are friendly and open-minded. We are smart but not arrogant. We have a sense of humor and use it tactfully. We communicate our messages with a positive attitude. We are genuine, honest and transparent with the information we share. We love learning about our community, their opinions and experiences. We ask questions and aren't afraid of feedback. We are unique. We vary our voice and tone to each audience with our values in mind.

Communications and Marketing manages the primary brand accounts affiliated with the Augusta University enterprise. For a full list of primary and secondary Augusta University accounts, please view our social media directory.

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