Process for Certificate of Leadership Academic Year 2021-2022:

There are four steps associated with the Certificate of Leadership: one foundational course, two bridge courses, an experience in leadership, and a capstone course. In each of the courses, student will be required to complete assignments pertaining to leadership. Each step is explained below.

Step 1: Foundation

The Foundational Course is a 3-credit, introductory education to leadership, ethics, and professional behavior. Course options include LDRS 2000, MILS 2011, MILS 2021, or MILS 2030. The foundation introduces the concepts and relationships among leadership, engagement, and professionalism through readings, experiences, and assignments. This step is required for students pursuing the COL and counts as a free elective for all majors. This course must be completed with a C or greater before any Bridge or Capstone courses are taken.

Step 2: Bridge

Bridge Courses are value-added courses which incorporate leadership competencies. These courses are offered throughout the curriculum and may also satisfy requirements for the student’s major or minor. These courses foster student leadership and professional development within the particular field by allowing a student to practice and build upon his or her leadership skills and philosophy. In the context of discipline specific courses, students will have opportunities to engage in public speaking, team building, course organization or assistance and other types of experiences wherein students learn by doing. All Bridge courses can be identified in the Course Schedule through the attribute ”COL” indicating that the course may be applied to the COL.

Step 3: Experience

The third step of the COL is the active hands-on experience in leadership. Students must take on the role of sole or primary leader in a class or community project requiring a minimum of 120 hours. This experience should allow the student to engage directly in a leadership experience and enact the foundation skills and theories learned thus far. All experiences must be approved by the COL Program Director.

Step 4: Capstone

The fourth step of the certificate is the Leadership Capstone Course. Each student will cap off the certificate with LDRS 4999 (0 cr) for which s/he will give an oral or written presentation about the leadership experiences and skills they have learned. This course will also provide post-program assessments and guidance on graduation with the certificate

*IF YOU ENTERED THE PROGRAM PRIOR TO 2021-2022, please schedule an advising appointment with Dr. Davis*

Yes, The pre-requisites for the Certificate of Leadership are those for the first course, LDRS 2000. Pre-requisites are COMS1100 or COMM1100 AND ENGL1101. Pre-requisites may not be taken simultaneously with LDRS 2000.

No. Only courses taken AFTER you have passed LDRS2000 will count as a bridge course. It is important that you establish the foundation of your learning about Leadership so that this information is applied in your Bridge courses.


In the 2021-2022 academic year, Bridge courses must be an Experiential Learning 3000 or 4000 level course and can be found on the Schedule of Classes with an EXL attribute. More recent COURSE OPTIONs are being adde deach year. Speak with the COL Advisor about current options.

Only courses taken AFTER LDRS2000 may count towards the Certificate of Leadership. Leadership experiences must be pre-approved by a Leadership advisor prior to starting the position. 

The certificate is a Less Than 1 Year Certificate which means it could be done in 2 semesters (LDRS2000 1st semester and 2 bridge courses and capstone the 2nd semester) however, it is preferred to spread it out over multiple semesters.

You can check the status of your progress in the Certificate of Leadership Program in JagTrax. On your JagTrax transcript, under the Degree drop down menu, choose CERO to see the classes that apply to your certificate.


You can schedule an appointment with the Leadership advisor through Navigate Scheduling with Dr. Davis.

If you have a general question, contact us at or 706-737-1742

Complete the Student Record Update form, and submit to or bring it by our office (University Hall, UH-235) for signatures.

Meet with your Leadership advisor once a semester to verify you have met all requirements, submit the Certificate Application to our office for signatures, pick up your cord for graduation.

Complete the Student Record Update form, and submit to or bring it by our office (University Hall, UH-235) for signatures.