Lauren Goodenough 


Hull College of Business, Class of 2020

My Leadership Journey: 

"Women are often discouraged to get into sales professions due to preconceived notions about sales. Sales job descriptions often have masculine language due to its competitive nature. I co-founded the Augusta University Professional Sales Club to create an opportunity for young, business-minded professionals to network, grow their careers, and learn from sales professionals. I have always enjoyed having one-on-one connections with individuals, which has encouraged me to put myself in leadership roles."


Lindsay Ramos 


Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Class of 2020

My Leadership Journey: 

"My leadership journey started with becoming an Orientation Leader during the summer of 2017. That drove me to get involved on campus and really find my passion for serving others in higher education. In addition to serving AU’s orientation program for three years, I have been involved with FYE, the Honors Program, Greek Life, and working in Student Life and Engagement."


Victor Piedra 


College of Education, Class of 2020

My Leadership Journey:

As a child of immigrant, I have always strived to be the best version of myself. My parents came to this country to provide me with opportunities that would not have been feasible in our home country of Mexico. The sacrifices that they have made for me are what motivates me to be successful. I have worked as a Resident Assistant (RA) for Housing and Residence Life here at Augusta University for 3 years now and I have learned so much from this role. It has helped me apply the things I learned from the LDRS 2000 class I took as freshman and it has helped me sharpen my leadership skills overall. I have applied these skills in leadership and professionalism in other areas such as working as a research assistant for Dr. McGee-Lawrence over at MCG for over 2 years, and even founding the Hispanic Organization of Youth (HOY), a club dedicated to united the small population of LatinX student here at AU while sharing our culture with our community.