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June 6, 2022

World-renowned immunologists arrive to launch immunology center

Lynn Hedrick, Klaus Ley were recruited from the prestigious LaJolla Institute


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A man in a suit presents to a large group in front of a projection screen in a theater.

The seeds of success: Augusta University celebrates growth, vision for future with Fall Kick-Off

“Together we have an opportunity to truly create a university like no other. You all came here — I think, I hope and I believe — because you saw that same thing. What you saw was not just a university, but potential. Credible potential," said Augusta University President Brooks A. Keel, PhD.

Two men in white coats sit in front of lab

Long molecule of RNA essential to our GI tract’s ability to contract and move food along

Without CARMN, a long, noncoding RNA, the 30-foot-long GI tract doesn’t contract as it should.

Man poses for photo in hallway

Novel treatment regimen appears well tolerated, beneficial to children with relapsed brain tumors

The first in-human study of a new immunotherapy that blocks a natural enzyme that tumors commandeer for their protection was well tolerated by children with relapsed brain tumors and enabled many to have unexpected months of a more normal life, researchers say.

Man with glasses, blue shirt, white coat, wearing glvoes, stands with lab in background

Immunology Center of Georgia recruits reflect expertise from immune cells that can smell to better understanding inflammatory bowel disease

The new IMMCG focuses on better understanding the immune system’s seemingly diametric roles in enabling good health and in contributing to major killers.