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Dr. Joseph Geraci math photo

Dr. Joseph Geraci, PhD
CEO at NetraMark Corp
Associate Professor in Molecular Medicine
Queen's University, CAD
Professor at the Centre for Biotechnology and Genomics Medicine
Medical College of Georgia, USA


Dr. Joseph Geraci, PhD, is a mathematician, medical scientist, and machine learning specialist, with deep knowledge of the quantum computing space. Psychiatric illnesses, oncology, dementia + other neurological diseases, and age related diseases, are highly heterogeneous and a new approach will be required in order to discover the next generation of therapeutics.

Dr. Geraci has been developing techniques that are being used by academic and pharmaceutical institutions in order to redefine the way we understand disease. He integrates his understanding of mathematics, computer science, and systems biology to help reframe the narrative around drug development.

He is also the CEO of NetraMark Corp.