The Formal Methods, Software Engineering and Programming Languages research group strives to advance the software deveopment process by utilizing the principles and techniques from logic, mathematics, and interactive/automated theorem proving to ensure the correctness and security of software.

Affiliated Faculty

photo of Clement Aubert

Clement Aubert

  • Assistant Professor
  • caubert@augusta.edu
photo of Paul Attie

Paul Attie

  • Professor
  • pattie@augusta.edu
photo of Richard DeFrancisco

Richard DeFrancisco

  • Assistant Professor
  • rdefrancisco@augusta.edu
photo of Harley Eades

Harley Eades

  • Associate Professor
  • heades@augusta.edu
photo of Onyeka Ezenwoye

Onyeka Ezenwoye

  • Associate Professor
  • oezenwoye@augusta.edu
photo of Alexander Schwarzmann

Alexander Schwarzmann

  • Dean and Professor
  • aschwarzmann@augusta.edu

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