Get Ready to Quit

Did you know?

  • 8.6 million people in the USA currently suffer from illness caused by smoking
  • 90% of all lung cancers can be directly related to tobacco
  • There has been a 20% decline in US cancer death rates since the early 1990s due to cancer awareness and tobacco cessation
  • In addition to cancer, tobacco-use is a known risk factor lung disease, cardiac disease and stroke.
  • 60 years ago 1 out of 3 people diagnosed with cancer survived at least 5 years; today, 2 out of 3 will survive.

Tips for Quitting

  • Set a quit date
  • Get active! Incorporate exercise into your daily routine before you quit
  • Start calculating how much money you'll save with a tobacco-free life
  • Start drinking the suggested amount of water every day: 1/2 of your weight in ounces of water daily
  • Beign a non-tobacco user provides health insurance or benefits advantages: check with Human Resources