Organization Overview

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The “Impacting Cancer Health Disparities and Facilitating Cancer Health Equity in Breast, Multiple Myeloma, and Prostate Cancers in Underserved and Minority Populations: The cancer-Community Awareness Access Research & Education II (c-CARE II) Initiative” team is located at the Medical College of Georgia’s main campus in Augusta, GA (Richmond County) and is led by Dr. Martha Tingen. The Study is a collaboration wih the Georgia Cancer Center.

The c-CARE project framework was originally introduced in 2015, and utilizes the “train the trainer” method to deliver culturally-tailored educational intervention sessions at various community sites. Funding for the c-CARE II project was obtained through a grant from the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, $3.38M.


Target Area & Objectives

The c-CARE II project seeks to recruit 600 African American (AA) adults (over 18 years of age) at 20 faith-based sites, rural and urban, from five Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) counties with a high percentage of AAs to include Burke, Jefferson, McDuffie, Richmond, and Wilkes. In general, the study target area ranks poorly in multiple socio-economic and health indicators, and the population has an increased risk for preventable cancer and poorer cancer outcomes.

The c-CARE II initiative is a research study designed to improve cancer outcomes—specifically breast, multiple myeloma, and prostate—in minority and underserved populations in a sustainable and collaborative community-based approach.cancer patient in doctor consult

This will be achieved by:

  1. Using trusted community- based trainers (i.e. Community Health Workers, CHWs), who the participants know and respect, to deliver cancer literacy and education materials
  2. Providing access and navigation to high-quality cancer screening and early detection services
  3. Assisting with navigation to proper care as indicated
  4. Sharing information about relevant medical and health related community-based resources
  5. Measuring pre- and post-intervention knowledge, attitudes and beliefs and changes in cancer health behaviors and outcomes.




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Site 1 - Rev. Dr. Augusta Hall

  • Bethel AME Church

Site 2 - Rev. Anthony Booker

  • Broadway Baptist Church

Site 3 - Rev. Tommie Benjamin

  • Trinity CME Church

Site 4 - , Rev. William Blount, Sr

  • Greater Young Zion Baptist Church

Site 5 - Rev. Dr. Johnny Hampton

  • Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church

Site 6 - Rev. Elliot Bing

  • Phillip Grove Baptist Church


Project Contacts

photo of Martha S. Tingen, PhD, RN, FAAN

Martha S. Tingen, PhD, RN, FAAN

  • Project Director/Principal Investigator
photo of Matthew Humphries, MS, CCRP

Matthew Humphries, MS, CCRP

  • Research Operations Manager
photo of Yvonne Daniel, BS, ACRP-CP

Yvonne Daniel, BS, ACRP-CP

  • Project Coordinator
photo of Kiara Houston, MPH

Kiara Houston, MPH

  • Community Program Coordinator
photo of Yauna Godbee, BS

Yauna Godbee, BS

  • Community Program Assistant
photo of Jenna Anderson, BS

Jenna Anderson, BS

  • Community Program Assistant
photo of Joely Fields, BS

Joely Fields, BS

  • Community Program Assistant
photo of Danielle Jackson, BS

Danielle Jackson, BS

  • Community Program Assistant


photo of Dr. Marlo Vernon

Dr. Marlo Vernon

photo of Dr. Mina Tsai

Dr. Mina Tsai

photo of Dr. Anand Jillella

Dr. Anand Jillella

photo of Dr. Priyanka Raval

Dr. Priyanka Raval

photo of Dr. Zachary Klaassen

Dr. Zachary Klaassen

photo of Dr. John Henson, IV

Dr. John Henson, IV